About Us

Our mission at Frontier Lumber is simply to honor God in all that we do. We are a faith-based, family owned company that extends this mission into every aspect of our company. Specifically our faith is lived out each day in how we care for our employees and our customers. Both of these aspects tie into the integrity of our business and our faith. We follow through on our commitments and promises because it’s not simply about making money; it’s about honoring God on a daily basis.
Established in 1945, Frontier Lumber is the City of Erie’s oldest lumber yard. Now under the ownership of Jeff Williams, who worked for the previous owner Lou Carpinello- (who was a part of the company for 50 years), for 14 years before purchasing the company from him in 2003.


Our Cross project


The story of the 3 Crosses

The center Cross of course represents the cross in which Jesus Christ died for the sins of all mankind. From this Cross flows Forgiveness, Mercy, Grace and Eternal Life – to all who will receive. The outer crosses represent 2 criminals. One who was full of pride, bitterness and a hardened heart. The other criminal on the cross was humbled by the presence of Jesus Christ next to him. His heart was softened as he acknowledged the Lord and His Kingdom. This criminal took ownership of his sin and simply asked Jesus to remember him when He came into His Kingdom. “Today you will be with me in paradise,” said Jesus. Wow, what a promise and Jesus always keeps His promises! Truly this criminal experienced Victory in Jesus. So when a friend asks why you have 3 crosses in your flower garden, tell them your story.

Cross project was inspired by several things;

Gospel of Luke 23:32-43

Frankenmuth, Michigan Cross Story

Movie: Do You Believe? Movie Trailer

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